Our Story

Georgia Barker

Georgia has been crafting since her parents opened a craft store when she was 5 years old. She has traveled the circut selling her pieces in Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. She loves to craft and as she states it "needs to feed the Monster" with new ideas and designs. She would love to help you learn new skills and develop a love for crafts. Don't miss out on Georgia's next class.

BreiAnne Barnes

BreiAnne is Georgia's daughter and she has also been painting and crafting since she could hold a paint brush. BreiAnne is full of incredible ideas and with 2 small boys that are already following in their Mom and Nana's footsteps. We offer Children's Class because we know what it's like to have bored children under foot and want to give you a break.

If you think you might be interested give us a call at (208)413-9521.

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